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Flag of  Bangladesh
Bangladesh's dial code is: 00880
Capital city: Dhaka
Current time in Dhaka:  
Weather: N/A
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Bangladesh loves cricket with a passion. The national cricket team participated in their first world cup in 1999, and were granted elite test status in 2000. Cricket is by far the most popular sport in the country, and there is great excitement whenever the Bangladeshi team compete in international matches. Although the nation’s cricket team hasn’t fared too well on the international scene yet, there are encouraging signs of significant improvement. When the team beat England for the first time ever in 2010, the number of people calling Bangladesh went through the roof. Bangladeshis all over the world wanted to phone home and celebrate the win with their friends and family. Although international phone calls are traditionally very expensive, there are ways to get cheap calls to Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is a fantastic destination to visit and has a growing tourist market. The country is home to 5 world heritage sites, which ensures that Bangladesh is a popular stop on the backpacking trail. If you know someone who is in the country and need to phone Bangladesh to speak to them, our online prices prove fantastic value for money.

The majority of Bangladeshis consider themselves Muslims, although the country is also home to a significant number of Hindu. The number of people trying to phone Bangladesh typically rises at times of religious celebrations, as many Bangladeshis living abroad seek to catch up with their friends and family back home. Call Bangladesh cheap and save yourself a lot of money with our excellent telecommunications services. You no longer have to worry about spending a lot of cash on an international phone conversation, as cheap calls to Bangladesh, are readily available with our website deals.

Over 150,000 Bangladeshi born people are currently living in the United Kingdom, meaning that there is a real need for people to find ways to call Bangladesh cheap. Hearing someone’s voice over the phone is much more comforting than reading an email. We know that calling Bangladesh used to be extremely expensive – especially if you had to call a mobile phone. However, we now offer fantastically cheap phone calls no matter whether you are calling landline or mobile numbers.

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About Bangladesh
Motto: "Nationalism, secularism, socialism, and democracy"
Largest City: Dhaka
Official Language(s): Bengali (Bangla)
Government: Unitary parliamentary democracy
Currency: Taka
Drives on the: left
Area codes:
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