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India's dial code is: 0091
Capital city: New Delhi
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Cheap International Calls to India

India has a strong relationship with the United Kingdom, so there is a great need for the cheapest calls to India. Our fantastic international phone call price comparison system allows us to search out the cheapest phone call prices available from a range of top quality suppliers. All our telecommunications providers use state of the art technology which helps us to offer prices call to India cheaper than it has ever been before. Our online system checks over 25,000 prices to call to India every single day of the year so that we can constantly offer the best rates on the market.

Many people cheap call India to organise holidays to the country. India is a massive country and it is often said that you need at least one lifetime to explore it properly and the cheapest calls to India are really appreciated by the expat community in the UK. The country is famed for its railway system which remains from British colonial times. Taking a trip on one of India’s sleeper trains is a must for anyone visiting the country so that you experience the full delights of railway travel. India always reserves a ‘tourist quota’ of tickets on busy trains, but if you know exactly when and where you want to travel to, it is always best to book a ticket in advance. Phone India and talk to the tourist information board for further information.

If you don’t like trains then one of the next best ways to travel round India is by hiring or buying a motorbike. There are plenty of hire companies that you can call and unlimited calls to India would be perfect. The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is the bike of choice in India. Royal Enfield is the oldest motorbike brand in the world and their production headquarters are in Chennai. Telco Central allows you to call India cheap no matter where you are in the world, and many motorcycle enthusiasts use the cheapest call to India and see if it is possible to export one of their iconic models of bikes.

India is a predominately Hindu society, although there is a significant percentage of Christians and Buddhists also living in the country. Hindus regards cows as being sacred. This means that the McDonalds branch in Delhi is one of the few in the world that doesn’t sell the beef made Big Macs. The need to call India cheap is extremely high around times of important Hindu celebrations such as Diwali and Vishu as many Indians living abroad want to connect with their relatives back home. India has a fantastic range of cuisine and is best known for its use of spices in curries. The northern half of India cooks with meat, whereas Southern India tends to stick to vegetable dishes. Cheap calls to India are now extremely easy to find by using our excellent value for money international phone call services.

The number of mobile phones in India totals over 900 million handsets so if you call India cheap you may well call India mobile phone. Telco Central offers cheap international phone to India calls to both landline and mobile phone numbers, so that you need never worry about the costs of calling India again.

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Remember to bookmark and check back regularly as the rates for cheap call to India are updated daily. We also add new products and services on a monthly basis which means you can make the cheapest call to India from your mobile or landline phone. One of the latest products and most popular is the unlimited call to India service. For a fixed monthly fee you will get to make as many cheap calls to India from UK as many times as you like. The unlimited call to India product is just of the fantastic new services our suppliers have come up with in recent times. The unlimited calls to India service is perfect to call India mobile and call India landline but if the fee for unlimited call to India is too high? Don’t worry as there are plenty of services you can use to call India mobile phones. You will always be able to find the best produce and service for cheap calls to India from UK on Telco Central. So when you want to phone to India make sure you check back regularly for the latest rates and products.

About India
Motto:  "Satyameva Jayate" (Sanskrit)   "Truth Alone Triumphs"
Largest City: Mumbai
Official Language(s): Hindi, English
Government: Federal
Currency: Indian rupee
Drives on the: left
Area codes:
New Delhi(0)11
Ghaziaba Dadri- Ghaziabad(0)120
Hapur- Ghaziabad(0)122
Modinagar- Ghaziabad(0)1232
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