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Flag of  Tajikistan
Tajikistan's dial code is: 00992
Capital city: Dushanbe
Current time in Dushanbe:  
Weather: N/A
About Tajikistan

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The population of Tajikistan is mostly Muslim, almost 98% and the Islamic holidays Id Al-Fitr and Idi Qurbon are also state holidays.  During this time the number of people wanting to phone Tajikistan increases dramatically.  At other times of the Muslim year such as Eid and Ramadan an increase in communication is also noted, as it is only natural for Muslims to want to speak to their friends and family who still live in the lands where they were born. Many Tajikistanis want to call Tajikistan cheap so they can spend as much time as possible talking to loved ones. Fortunately, cheap calls to Tajikistan are easier to find than ever before.

Despite being in the majority Islam is not the only religion in Tajikistan and Russian Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism also have small followings.  Religious believers have a fair amount of freedom and relations between the different religions are amicable.

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Tajikistan is the poorest country in central Asia.  Corruption and economic mismanagement has hindered the country’s attempts to improve their economy.  Some of the countries income is raised from trading in commodities such as cotton, uranium and aluminium and the economy is steadily improving.  There are many reasons why businesses want to phone Tajikistan as the economy starts to find its feet and future prospects in the country appeal to many international companies.

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About Tajikistan
Motto: No official motto
Largest City: Dushanbe
Official Language(s): Tajik (Persian)
Government: Unitarysemi-presidential republic
Currency: Somoni
Drives on the: right
Area codes:
Rasht (former Garm)(8)3131
Nurobod (former Darband)(8)3133
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