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Flag of  Germany
Germany's dial code is: 0049
Capital city: Berlin
Current time in Berlin:  
Weather: N/A
About Germany

Cheap International Calls to Germany

Are you looking for cheap calls to Germany?  Calling Germany should no longer be an expensive business thanks to our unique international phone call price checking system which offers you some of the most affordable rates on the market. Most people are sick and tired about the high costs involved in phoning people abroad but we are here to solve the problem.   Whether you’re on holiday or live abroad, you don’t want to spend a fortune calling the Germany. 

We are constantly on the lookout for the cheapest rates available when it comes to phoning the country. Our Germany telecommunications suppliers are able to offer such low prices due to their use of state of the art technologies which cut down the costs of phone line maintenance. We are able to pass these savings on to you in the form of really cheap phone call prices.

Germany is an extremely popular place for tourists as the country has a wealth of history. Many people go to Berlin to view the remnants of the Berlin Wall which separated the east of the city from the west during the Cold War. An awful lot of tourists phone Germany to book accommodation in the country as they plan trips to see the magnificent sights.  During Oktoberfest, the country holds a giant beer festival which attracts punters from all around the globe.  With hundreds of different brews on offer there are always a few sore heads in the morning!

Whether you’re visiting the country or someone you know is, staying in touch is easy as you can call Germany cheap using Telco Central.  Telco Central offers the most affordable and quality deals. Never worry about the cost of wanting to phone Germany again with our trustworthy and reliable services. 

There are many people that want to call Germany cheap in order to discuss the latest international sporting events.  Germany has an extremely strong football team, and the national side has a huge rivalry with England. Bayern Munich is one of the biggest club football sides in Germany, and reached the 2012 European Champions League Final.  Many people want to phone Germany to keep asks their friends and family to keep them up to date with all the latest results. Our cheap calls to Germany are a perfect way to save money when making international phone calls.

We know that the traditional costs of making internal phone calls on your mobile can be prohibitively high, but if you are calling Germany on a mobile number, we offer some fantastic deals. Our cheap deals are eligible for calling both landline and mobile phone numbers, which is extremely useful considering the number of mobile owners in the Germany is very high. Telco Central checks over 25,000 individual phone call price deals every day so that we offer the cheapest international calls no matter where you are in the world. Call Germany cheap for business or pleasure, and we will provide some of the cheapest prices on the market.

About Germany
Largest City: Berlin
Official Language(s): German
Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
Currency: Euro
Drives on the: right
Area codes:
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